The importance of hotel reform projects

Hotel equipment, like any business, has to be constantly renewed to avoid becoming outdated. Its appearance must convey elegance and style. The reform projects in hotels respond to a desire of the hotel chain to modernize and evolve to attract a wider audience and surprise the usual audience. We give as an example the holiday apartments Ohasis Apartments, which welcomed a reform project by Essenthia Maderséniain 2019. Located in the city of Los Cristianos (Arona, Tenerife) –an important tourist centre distinguished as one of the most populated in the municipality–, Ohasis Apartments has a total of 90 apartments: six suite type and the rest, standard. The complex needed a renovation to which, also, worked decorative lighting was applied to the bedrooms (among other spaces), based on LEDs for the headboard panels.

The comprehensive reform was carried out in collaboration with the Esese Architects Tenerife architecture studio. Essenthia Madersénia carried out the furniture of the apartments to measure: from the kitchens and the entrance doors, as well as the interiors. Furniture for the common areas was also carried out: this was the case for the show cooking area, tables for dining rooms, special storage and service furniture, reception, benches and panelling, among other elements. The different pieces of furniture were made from oak melamine.

The before and after of the reform project

To comment on some of the changes in the reform project, we show you before and after photographs, in which the transformation of the hotel can be observed: there is an evident change in the interior design of each of the apartments towards something broader and more transparent. Wooden touches are included and a neutral and clear colour range is chosen. The arrangement of the furniture is minimalist and functional.

In the case of some bedrooms, we can see that it has opted to include wide wooden headboards, which cover the entire wall, and from which a LED light source comes out. In this way, certain corners of the room are enhanced, we achieve clarity and create an effect of spaciousness.

The common areas of the apartments

The common areas of the apartments, such as the dining room and kitchen, are brighter after the reform project.

If cream colours and tiles reigned on the kitchen walls before, after the internal transformationwhite furniture has been chosen and they have been arranged to give light to all corners. The natural light that enters through the windows has also been used.

In the case of the dining room, the wooden furniture offers a great change to the eye: in the reform project, a lighter type of wood is chosen, which matches very well with the neutral colours of the chairs. It should be noted that their choice turns towards the Nordic. This style, present in bedroom chairs and some dining rooms give a vintage and comfortable touch to the spaces.

Although it may not seem like it, electronic devices are also a complement that adds sophistication to the property. With what we will see that, in the before and after photos, we bet on integrating flat-screen televisions adapted to the wall, without the need to include an extra piece of furniture to place them.

The choice of lamps also become an interesting decision. You can add an eccentric brushstroke to the interiors as well as a personalized touch. In this line, we can see elegant cut lamps in the bedrooms; and, some of a metallic finish, in the kitchen. In this way, it is possible to break a little with whiteness and sobriety.

Interiors for the general public

The interiors for the general public, such as the lobby, the internal waiting room, the external waiting room or the general kitchen, have some characteristics in common: the spaciousness of the space and clear and elongated furniture. The reception or lobby has undergone a major facelift: we again find wood, arranged in slats around the counter-table and part of the ceiling; A limited area of ​​the wall shows exotic green, yellow and turquoise colours; and, in the interior waiting room, there is a large bench with seating cushions. 

As we have commented in previous blog posts, if a hotel has exteriors, you must take advantage of them. Ohasis Apartments, in this case, has an outdoor waiting area in the purest chill-out style. Invite guests to have a good time in the afternoon and evening. It opts for comfortable white cushion chairs with wooden bases, like a sturdy pallet, accompanied by wooden tables placed between the seats.

Finally, in the case of the kitchen for the general public, there is a new commitment to wood accents, turquoise chromaticism for the Nordic-style chairs used by diners – combined with large benches for large groups – and elongated and perfectly furnished illuminated for the buffet, which has holes to leave the culinary material, also accessible to customers (to take plates, trays, etc.).