What we offer

We ensure the monitoring of each project that comes into our hands, working down to the last detail, providing our customers with maximum confidence and speed in the processes.

Our mission: to offer the utmost peace of mind, providing our know-how as trusted professionals who can ensure the highest standards of quality and personalised support at all times.


We offer fluid and effective communication. With a single representative supported by our multidisciplinary team. From the Project Management department we take care of managing the entire project from start to finish.



We analyse each proposal received in detail, evaluating the options and defining deadlines and costs with total precision, as well as the phases of the project and the needs to be covered by the customer.

We contribute our knowledge, experience and resources. We have a wide network of top quality collaborators of recognised prestige in the sector.

The personalisation of our work, with attention to detail, is never at odds with a profoundly technical approach in the aspects that require it. We rigorously examine the project and the client’s specifications as a whole, to guarantee the best result, meeting and improving expectations.

We study the budget of each project in depth, taking into account criteria defined by our know-how. This allows us to set the right pace and investment to meet the requirements of each client, offering exclusivity and differentiation at all times.

Our goal?

To shape our clients’ ideas and turn them into reality.


We carry out exhaustive monitoring at all stages from start to finish, with specialised staff to achieve maximum agility, optimising resources and costs, always providing support throughout the process to guarantee maximum transparency and efficiency.


The process that we lead at Essenthia Contract goes through a series of phases:


  • Compilation of all the project data
      • Analysis of the client’s needs.
      • Creation of experiences with personality, covering the expectations and the desired objective.
  • Study and evaluation of the economy of the investment, the environment of the project, its typology and the potential customer. Exclusivity and differentiation in each project.
  • Coordination of the project processes by our Project Management department.
  • Monitoring and commitment to obtain a comprehensive service with a single intermediary.

The control of all processes facilitates the monitoring of the project

Personalised coordination of deadlines is a guarantee of success. Likewise, good coordination within our departments and teams of professionals is what allows us to offer the greatest possible accuracy in the final result.

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Our professionalism guarantees peace of mind