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At Essenthia Contract we control all the phases, from manufacturing to installation, offering unmatched agility in execution.



We adapt the furniture to the needs of each project, creating totally customised spaces, applying integral solutions that include planning, manufacturing, design and 360º execution, prioritising maximum efficiency and quality at all times.


We provide support in the specifications of the Contract furniture needed for each project, and we take care of finding pieces that are suitable for each space. The design team is responsible for the development of the creative and executive part of the project.



Our added value: Manufacturing furniture. Bespoke and exclusive Contract furniture for each project, we guarantee comfort in the rooms, coordinating the personalised creation of the furniture with our technical and design department.



The most important step is when a well-performed job is reflected and the project becomes a reality. We have specialised installation teams depending on the nature of the project. Our involvement and commitment to excellence provide total peace of mind.

Our services include support in design, manufacture and complete management in a 360 global service. We work adapting in each case to what our client needs.

In the Contract Hospitality sector there are endless possibilities, which is why each project is worked on in a unique, individual and personalised way.


We listen to the needs of Projects Managers and Sales Contract to be able to offer in the Contract furniture sector all the necessary guidance, resources and support to manage the hired projects, whether our comprehensive management is required or if we participate in any part of the process by offering our services.


At Essenthia Contract we control all the phases, from manufacturing to installation, offering unequalled agility in execution. Moreover, our transparency is a guarantee for the client, who receives detailed information on every detail throughout the entire process.

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Our professionalism guarantees peace of mind