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The casegoods for each project are carefully designed and fully customised. In addition, Essenthia Contract’s infrastructure allows us to speed up to the maximum to achieve optimal results in record time.


Our mission is to offer maximum satisfaction, adaptation and durability, with the manufacture of quality pieces, polished finishes and all the technical demands involved in each project.


Having our own production clearly differentiates us from other firms that do not allow this high level of independence in the whole process. We are more agile in production, and we stand out for carrying out realistic projects, fulfilling the commitments guaranteed in each project.


Thanks to our long experience, we can provide the craftsmanship that comes from experience, and integrate modern technological solutions to maximise efficiency and minimise costs. Thus, we can offer a wide range of furniture pieces for all types of rooms and needs, including shelves, wardrobes, beds, tables, kitchens, bathrooms…



From a blank page, or in this case a board open to any possibility, we create the appropriate furniture that best suits each project, with the aesthetic vision of specialised designers, and assessing all aspects for an optimal result: esthetics, technical, logistical, functional, deadlines and budgets.


As manufacturers with more than 35 years of history, we adapt the furniture to fit each project, choosing optimal materials and taking into account your technical specifications, always complying with the highest quality standards. By using a highly efficient manufacturing process, we can guarantee furniture of the highest quality and excellence, totally exclusive.


Our high quality furniture is designed to efficiently cover every need and intensive use. In addition, we adjust to the budget, being highly competitive in the market. We take pride in our products, which help transform a hospitality space into a relaxed, elegant and welcoming place for guests.

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