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Essenthia Contract’s design team provides support in the development of the creative and executive part of the project.


We are proud to be able to offer our customers not only the aesthetic solution that best suits their style and the expectations of their clientele, but also one that is functional and will stand the test of time, with profitability and cost optimisation beyond the short-term in mind.


We closely listen to each customer in order to understand their requirements and define bespoke designs that meet all the specifications and technical requirements, in line with the individual style of each project.


Once we have the complete briefing, we translate the ideas into a specific design.


We have a wide network of professionals specialised in interior design in the Hospitality sector, and we can provide the necessary support according to the specifications of the equipment you need.


Colours, materials, layout and lighting are aspects that have a great impact on the creation of rooms that generate comfort, well-being and relaxation in the Hospitality sector.


Our design team is responsible for the development of the creative and executive part of the project. From the initial concept, we adapt it to the client’s needs.


Once the design is finalised, it is then manufactured and installed, at which point, everything that the client has conceptualised and what we help them to define with personalised support and advice, will take shape.

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