The emergence of virtual reality in hotels

The technologies have revolutionized all sectors and the hotelier was not going to be left behind. If in many cases the guests already begin to formalize the ´check in´ of automatic form by means of Tablet and already have at their disposal Smart TV in their room, among other elements, why would we not go up one more step towards virtual reality (RV).

The entertainment industry has gained a very wide response power and, if not more, promising for the hotel industry. With the arrival of increasingly proactive initiatives and, in which the whole family is included, anyone is open to be able to have fun. The truth is that there are already hotels in the world that offer VR glasses to their customers. The purpose? To enhance a unique experience that exerts as a differential feature and that positions the hotel chain over its competition. In this sense, VR glasses contribute to offering the user an artificial ecosystem in which to immerse themselves.

The tourism sector has also had to reinvent itself: having good facilities and guaranteeing optimal customer service is not enough, it is taken for granted. We must leave a mark. Being able to travel without moving from the hotel or simply relax without leaving the hotel Room can be viable options. The important thing is to increase the experience in positive. We can please all types of users, we just have to work a precise profile configuration (language, age, hobbies, etc.)

Technology and reservation management

I also wish that many hotel chains use the opportunities offered by the RV to attract customers, that is, many start-ups incorporate small capsules to their reservation page with which to transmit in a more vivid and integral way what the comforts will be that can be found if they agree to book accommodation. The client, in this case, will be able to navigate at their leisure within the different dependencies of the hotel, since the information will not be based on a list of services and amenities that include a certain pack traveling, but you can see it with your own eyes.

In fact, studies show that more than half of the users who make a virtual 360 degree visit to the hotel have more numbers to finish, made a reservation, that one who does not navigate, as well as being able to see how many rooms are free.

As we said, technology allows us to customize, a feature that in many cases strengthens and satisfies the customer. It gives numbers to repeat the experience or, better, to recommend it. The experiences that allow us to create the technological tools are also great sources of information of our type of target audience. We can record levels of satisfaction, emotional, age groups, backgrounds, behaviors, tastes, etc. The range of information is so wide that they can be used in is also a guarantee, since many RV glasses are adapt to the mobile through the app of a hotel chain in particular. This allows the user to work alone to recreate a virtual environment: he already has the tools.