The colour trends of this 2020

The combination of colours is a key part of creating an interior design. In the hotel contract sector, moreover, it has to be attractive and innovative, as it should not be out of phase. It must capture the customer’s attention.We discuss, therefore, the colour trends of this 2020.

The fashions go towards the reduction of consumption offering a clear image, without frills. Although it is true, simplicity is a quality that never goes out of style. To name something that is taking a lot this year are the light, neutral and even with vibrant accents. There are also some that include metallic pigments as a counterpoint or earth colours.

In this category, pastel colours would also enter, an option that marries very well with an interior design that advocates allergy and optimism, with a sophisticated but homely point. On the other hand, the metallic colours and the whites offer contrasting proposals with which we can get interesting ideas to highlight corners and give light to furniture elements.

Colour trends that are committed to sustainability.

On the other hand, sustainability also finds its place in a type of decoration that bets on the search for a cultural and even folkloric language.
Bet on the search for a cultural and even folkloric language. Bet on craftsmanship and the tribal, with which the proposals that we find are natural colourswithout dyes and with an organic appearance, materials obtained from sustainable resources, intense blues like the sky, etc.

In this sense, the solid surface style, applied to solid surface furniture, cannot go unnoticed. It is a versatile proposal that helps to personalize the area to be customized. Its malleability makes it a modern option applicable to any environment, be it reception or bedroom. The lack of porosity of the material usually offers easy cleaning andmaintenance, as well as a great resistance to impacts. Architects, interior designers and designers go hand in hand to offer solutions to the contract sector that are committed to these qualities.

The colour trends of this 2020 also put the focus on more striking ecosystems with futuristic aesthetics and that evoke a fantasy world. In this line, we can find dark colours for luxury environments or electric colours of groundbreaking aesthetics. The choice of this type of electric combinations of groundbreaking aesthetics. The choice of this type of combinations can contribute to offer an original touch to the contract project.