Screens, one more element for prevention

Due to the pandemic, many companies have had to take preventive measures to avoid possible infections. The use of masks, social distancing and the disinfection of objects and areas prevail over the usual cleaning routines. To all this, it is added the extra protection in which businesses must invest, who sometimes cannot do without face-to-face treatment. In this sense, it is necessary to highlight the growing appearance and demand for protective partitions, which promote safe contact. These allow two people to be fairly close, exchanging information, without fear of getting infected.

In the case of hotel receptions, restaurants, common areas, offices, hairdressing salons … many people gather every day and guaranteeing clients a correct disinfection becomes a key factor, generating trust. Serving the customer through a screen is therefore versatile and comfortable. Consequently, companies are emerging that meet this need.

Today we are going to talk about one of them, which is very close to us. Cleare, which was born as a small collaborative project between different companies in La Sénia, of which Essenthia is part, and where each one has united all their knowledge and their industrial capacity to carry out all the possible market demand.

Cleare was created with the commitment to keep our society together by offering contract solutions in terms of partitions. We have a wide variety of own custom designs, as well as quality. This element provides a plus of guarantees for a hotel reception, since a significant number of people are concentrated there, causing an agglomeration at any given time.

With the aim of uniting and protecting, Cleare was born to prioritize health by designing protection screens for businesses and collective spaces. The options are varied and can flow in any space. In addition to offering unique designs, they can contribute a lot to the business with a simple design, matching interior design. In fact, the support that accompanies the screen can be personalized with the colors of the hotel or business equipment line. I have even carried out custom protection projects.

A distinguishing feature of Cleare is that when there are no more dividing elements, you can reuse the screen as a support for messages, announcements and photos. Thus giving a double life to the screen.

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