Multiply the space in a hotel bedroom

The arrangement of furniture in a hotel bedroom is crucial in the customer’s first impression. If the room is small, but we are working on a contract project that makes it cozy and functional, we can earn many points. In this blog, we highlight some tips to multiply the space in a hotel bedroom. There are just a few things to keep in mind and we can surprise anyone who walks through the door. An infallible trick, for a room to ‘grow’, can be a symmetrical decoration. Why? Very simple: it gives the impression of finding an orderly and complete stay. This feature, then, can help multiply the spaceof a bedroom. If everything that reaches our gaze is in place, it also helps us establish an order and find a specific place for luggage.

Another ‘tip’ that can be useful to us is to provide light. As we have commented in previous articles, some lacquered or light-colored wooden furniture can multiply the space in a hotel bedroom. The interior design is more blurred, with more graceful lines that do not mark the limits of the area as much.

Continuing with the aim of enhancing the space, we can also use mirrors that reflect it. They create an effect that contributes, again, to multiplying the space. We can choose from a wide variety of decorative frames, as well as shapes and dimensions. The key here is knowing how to find which point in space is the most strategic.

Another suggestion to highlight is to play with the spotlights, thedetails and the furniture. The room may be large enough to fit a particular table or piece of furniture that provides a certain style. Without losing symmetry, the placement of atable,for example, can be useful to us to find the utility of an empty corner. You can even get a sofa.

You can also enter the equation some pictures hanging on thewalls that matches the line of the hotel complex and even some curtains (if possible to be of a light color). Remember that the placement of windows will also favor the entry of light. It will always be easier to enlarge the cabin in this way.


Colors and contrasts to multiply the space

The color of the walls also helps. Creating contrasts with furniture and walls can give a blow of effect. We can combine light tones with darker ones. The decoration includes everything from walls and furniture, to the most everyday accessories such as rugs and lamps. The golden rule is that, whatever choice we make, space is optimized to the maximum.

On the other hand, applying textures on walls (with a wallpaper with character, for example) can also give us a touch of personality. In addition to taking risks, combining a ready wall with another textured or rough wall, can create a trend and be quite successful.