Ideal and practical kitchens, adapted to a hotel equipment

The philosophy of open spaces devastates all types of contract projects. The idea is to simplify everything possible, and the kitchen area is not excluded. In fact, there is a whole world when it comes to kitchen design and reform projects. A hotel equipment has an important infrastructure and one of the mentioned memos, or perhaps thought by the user of a hotel is the kitchen.

In order to seek transparency, many hotel chains have even arranged windows that connect the kitchen area with that of the restaurant. In this way, diners, in their path, can observe that it is cooked.

The possibilities are numerous. Let’s start by commenting on the distribution. To achieve greater unity and according to the available space, one of the most versatile alternatives for a kitchen is to include an island in the center, very extensive. In it we can place the cutting board, the ingredients in their containers, a recipe book, orders, and even reserve an area for plating. It is important that the furniture is sturdy. Lacquered and sturdy wood, for example.

We can continue to take advantage of spaces creating cavities on the sides of the island to be able to place containers in which we can throw away the residues of the food that has been cut, and all in a moment. If preferred, separating the organic food, of course. We can also include drawers and cabinets with sliding doors to store cutlery and all kinds of kitchen utensils.

Trunk parts and colors

If we project the kitchen from above, we can identify the most important trunk parts; on the one hand, the cooking zone, the preparation area (which could be located on the island, already mentioned) and the storage and electrical appliances. Since our motto is that it is quite personal and that there is enough space to allow its movement, it will be important to allow room for favoring order and accessibility.

The furniture that surrounds the island can also take advantage of the wall area to place attached shelves without sliding doors or display cases. Ideal for placing spices, mortars, oil and vinegars. The cooking zone is also key, in which, without losing a style, we can turn it into a peculiar and curious one, making the bell marry with the style and colors that the rest of the kitchen has. It can be a white that of sobriety and elegance, even bet on a game of black and white contrasts, if we like to follow the trends. If we opt for a more rustic style, any material that imitates wood will be a success. Drawer handles, oven or other built-in appliances can do the rest.

Betting on a color that gives luminosity to interior design is also an interesting feature to keep in mind. If we can combine it with natural light from large windows, much better.