Hotel windows, doors to the world and light sources

Hotel windows go unnoticed by many, but the moment they offer a great source of light, it is celebrated. They are a very important part of the furniture and, if they are not placed properly, it can cause inconveniences at a functional and decorative level. Architects and professionals of the sector give exit to all kinds of projects offering a quality and design solution.

There are infinite types of window, they can give access to a balcony or not. They can be opened or not. Depending on the space and place where we have our hotel complex, we will choose a more or less thick type of glass: double glazing, protected by film or with an aluminum frame. Depending on the window frames or profiles, we can obtain different advantages.

For example, if we choose PVC-framed windows (similar to aluminum) we will find a resistant finish. In fact, we are interested in this and more when it comes to a contract solution, with which we want to obtain the best performance in a long period. This framework offers us a wide range of colors and designs with which to create interiors with the other elements of the room. It also offers a very usefulthermal and acoustic insulation.

If we think of more general dependencies, such as the lobby, we may not need windows that open. Fixed glass windows can be suitable and, with them, we will enhance lighting. It is a valid alternative when what we want is to store as much sun as possible, thus contributing to maintaining an optimal temperature inside the site.

Wood is another common material in window manufacturing. Until a while ago it was the most common, although now it has been relegated to the rural accommodation sector or ‘bungalows’. Aesthetically, they offer a cozy touch and more and more materials appear that imitate it and are waterproof.

Window openings in hotels

Another interesting topic in the window universe is the type of opening. Depending on the height of the hotel premises, if they have a balcony or if they face an inner courtyard or a beach, they will be designed in one way or another. In the case of bedroom windows that want to show an unusual and natural setting, youcan go for a practicable window; sliding balcony door; or even folding. For the other options, it may be fixed windows that do not open; folding from the upper or lower area; guillotine mode; u, I tilt swing.

Windows are an aesthetic element that allows us to connect with the outside, they tell us what the weather is like and they can lift our spirits. The materials with which they are made, as we have said previously, can be decisive in starting to furnish a bedroom or they can determine the purpose for which the space has been conceived.