Hotel trends for this 2020

Like any other sector, the hotelier does not stop to change. This 2020 is loaded with new features that can set a trend. In the first place and as we noted in previous posts, hotel equipment will enhance interactive environments so that the client feels challenged. Personalization is a feature that satisfies the user, because it adapts to their needs, and for the hotel it is also beneficial: it provides useful information with which you can make new competitive strategies.

The technologies will continue to break into the hotel environment, with what mobile devices will become (although they already are) in fundamental tools for the caption of the public, especially the youngest, which is not separated from said device.

Often, we hear the opportunities of the Internet of Things (also abbreviated IOT in English by ‘Internet of Things’), which helps to convert, in this case a hotel, into a more intelligent environment. The truth is that with the advantages offered by this technology the customer experience can be made much more comfortable. Proposes the digital interconnection of everyday elements. Can you imagine books, thermostats or lamps connected to the internet? Losing any of an object connected to the network. The refrigerator in our hotel room, for example, would take into account the number of products inside and notify the central computer of the lack of any to replace it.

On the other hand, we must not forget the advantages that artificial intelligence can offer us, through which interaction with guests in different ways is enhanced. There is even virtual reality, with which you can create experiences for the client by combining the infrastructure of the hotel complex and a virtual reality surrounding, in order to entertain.

Sustainability is another subject in which many companies are updated. In fact, it becomes a promising factor of good ideas and more lasting alternatives, that is, it can start in the kitchen of the hotel, with the elimination of plastics; or, promoting a responsible attitude in what certain bathroom items are concerned. , like the one with the towels.

Numerous web portals also announce that hotels will focus their attention on increasing direct reservations with the objective of loyalty to their clientele, in which they will invest more time and money.This means that, through the hotels web pages, they will work on a more efficient management of the reserve to the detriment of the virtual portals that make comparators. That will enhance the reception of more personal data, since the client will open his own profile.