Hotel sustainability

When we talk about sustainable hotel or hotel sustainability we mean those premises where a contract solution is conceived taking into account environmental bases, which respect the environment and do not pollute. This is where the design comes in, including the type of materials we use to build the accommodation. Likewise, there are also hotels that choose to implement sustainability strategies, which fallow criteria related to respect for the environment, as well as working on energy efficiency and spreading more conscious and deliberate consumption.

Be that as it may, this is not ashort-lived trend, but there are more and more accommodations concerned with reducing their carbon footprint in order to fight the climate emergency. So we will see what actions contribute to hotel sustainability.

Many independent hotel chains and hotels, which advocate for sustainability, take into account a series of words/actions, curiously all starting with the letter ‘R’. Many of the gestures that make a hotel sustainable involve reducing, reusing, recycling and respecting people and the environment. To give an example, proposing to guests that they should not ask for more towels (or spend water when taking a shower) than they need is a way of saving money. Not making noise is also considered a sustainable and environmentally friendly measure, since it avoids disturbing other guests and reduces possible noise pollution.

The ´zero waste´phenomenon

The disposal of single-use plastic (or even paper) products is another decision being made in many places. Minimizing their consumption means creating less waste.This is part of the so-called ´zero wastephenomenon. It is a philosophy that starts from zero waste, which invites to live life without producing waste. It promotes other alternatives such as the use of substitute products to plastic, biodegradable or recyclable, including vegan options. In this line, the acquisition of products in bulk is added.

Previously, we had noted that, within the framework of hotel sustainability, many resorts chose to reduce paper consumption, or at least suggested that customers use it responsibly. Well, with the democratization of new technologies and the increasingly, widespread availability of mobile phones in society, some are also choosing to send bills or tickets via email.

Sustainable tourism

There is often talk of sustainable tourism and little mass tourism. It is considered an upward trend and, following the arrival of the coronavirus, it is also an advantage that awakens a certain tranquility among those who have dared to go on holiday this summer. Many prefer the tranquility offered by natural environments and rural farmhouses.

Last but not least, hotel sustainability also involves how to conceive the architecture of the contract projectin an ecological way. The idea is to implement techniques and materials that are respectful of the environment, as well as looking for a place that allows this and carrying out a construction process that generates the least possible negative impact. The transport of materials also enters the equation, so if you want to minimize your footprint, you will have to study the number of trips very well.