Hotel deseasonalization

Seasonality is a relationship of dependence on a season, according to the RAE, many hotels depend on this factor. In high season they welcome a lot of customers and in low season the matter changes: they decrease their income and even close down. Even so, hotel de-seasonalization has become the philosophy of many tourism businesses; they are taking up the challenge by reformulating themselves. In this way, they manage to attract more customers. There are numerous strategies to differentiate themselves from the competition and this is one of them. However, in order to attract a more varied public with deseasonalization, many agents have to agree to offer a package of claims that will attract the attention of tourists. Tourism agencies, in this case, have a key role to play.

Hotel deseasonalization has also helped the public who take advantage of the low season to travel or who simply do so when they feel like it, without taking advantage of the most important dates. According to the website, deseasonalization is an “almost essential duty”. The fact is that what hotel facilities are looking for is precisely to maintain a stable flow of bookings, not just concentrated on weekends and holidays. To this end, there are ways of encouraging movement: with specific offers and segmentation of the type of public.

According to, rural tourism is one of those that chooses to overcome the seasonality by attracting a foreign public (at least in the moment before the Covid, when there were no mobility restrictions), with an unemployed profile and with a certain level of purchasing power. As we said, the experience in a dream place is combined with cultural, gastronomic and sports activities (outdoor exercises, group activities, etc.).

Living an indigenous experience

From they talk about another issue: the rapid expansion of deseasonalization caused by new forms of travel. They explain how the new generations are changing the hotel industry and the way of living a travel experience. Living in the destination as an indigenous person is also something that generates curiosity, so that going there one day contributes to enjoying everyday life; this factor is also part of the phenomenon of deseasonalization. In this sense, tourist homes, hostels or bed and breakfasts are outstanding.