Good ideas for small spaces

If something we know in this life is that, less is always more and that each centimetre counts. Today we will talk about how hotels, whether small or not, take advantage of every corner to make the most of it. Individuals who can add great value to a stay.

Intending to offer the most comfortable and functional rooms, hotel equipment, they start from the idea of ​​saving space. But, what happens when we have a very small one? We can only help ourselves with good ideas. The hotel contract experts offer plenty of tricks so that the dimensions and the good design match perfectly.

First idea Lets do with multifunctional furniture or two in one. An alternative with which we can excel is through elements that satisfy more than one need. For example, a dresser-dresser or a sofa that can become a bed and desk. Resistant and beautiful. We do not ask for more. That is to say, we have to look for an attractive option, at the same time that it is surprising, and that is used for more than one task.

In this sense, betting on a minimalist distribution can help us highlight certain furniture. The key is, also, in clearing the passage areas. The shelves are also interesting, whether they are near an armchair or sofa or on the headboard of the bed. We can do well to place books, support pictures or simply objects Decorative
Second contribution. Give free rein to the height of the room or stay. If the space to the width is reduced, take advantage of other features offered by the room or, perhaps, the reception. We can bet on shelves, narrow cabinets with built-in mirror or two-in-one custom furniture.

Taking advantage of the height of a room can even refer to space above a door or under a staircase (as long as it is wide, of course, but can be used to store things). Don’t give a centimetre for lost!

Another idea. Let’s pay attention to the use of colours and materials. Decorating trends can also be great allies to offer a great final result. A small room does not have to look like it. With what, the colours and materials we use can help us create a good, cosy and with a certain feeling of spaciousness.

Common áreas

Other factors to enhance the charm of a small hotel are the common areas. Taking care of the details or adding something entertaining in the reception areas or being in a hotel, can redirect the guest’s attention. It may be an alternative to spend all the rest time in the room.