Feng shui in hotels

hotel facility has countless aspects that make it unique, either for its interior design or for its decoration. Often, in blog articles, we highlight the keys to having a more minimalist and functional reception and even, sometimes, the steps to follow to take advantage of the brightness of the bedroom by providing a specific type of furniture. In this blog, we will focus on a Chinese philosophical concept, ‘Feng shui’, which means wind and water. This one defends that a determined organization of the elements in a space contributes to improve the vital energy, thus giving well-being. We will therefore focus on Feng shui in hotels.

The ‘Feng shui’ maxim is to work with a series of elements: earth, metal, water, fire and wood. It is not limited only to the decorative aspect, but seeks to balance the energies. The main premise is that if you take care of the venue, he will do it for his guests. To put this trend into practice, we must propose a contract project adapted to our needs and the aim is to offer the client good vibes.

First you have to work on order and cleanliness, a room should not be cluttered. A type of functional furniture will help us, with meaning, and also beautiful. It is useful to work on the arrangement of the furniture, which has to bring tranquility, cleanliness and balance to the eye. For example, in a room, the bed should occupy the central part of the bedroom and, around it, other objects could be placed: chairs, side tables, etc.


The entrance of natural light is a feature that contributes to giving the best of welcomes to the people who will be in the room. If we combine that with a sober decoration of neutral colors, although homely (with candles or other warm elements), we will transmit peace and relaxation. On the other hand, creating spaces for reflection or reading will be advantageous, as it will allow clients to take a well-deserved rest.

There are rules that must be taken into account so as not to prevent the energies from flowing properly. For example, it is said that a bedroom does not have a mirror (or door) located at the foot of the bed, it can make sleep difficult. It must be said that this century-old current takes into account the combination of elements. Provide details that remind us of nature, such as plants, helps.

Within this science of Feng shui, we must not forget that everything is part of the experience and you can play with the sense of smell to make it more complete. Therefore, adding air fresheners with aromas that link us to the aforementioned main elements will provide a series of benefits: serenity, tranquility, etc. And it is said that this type of philosophy has to attract the attention of all your senses and bring you happiness.