Events and celebrations in hotels

hotel equipment, in addition to receiving guests during their trip, hosts events of all kinds; it has multipurpose rooms and it is possible that outdoor areas, adaptable to the type and theme of the meeting; they host both corporate events and celebrations. The environment is versatile enough to transform. 

In the business world, event planning belongs to the so-called MICE sector (from the abbreviation of the English words ‘Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions’) and is usually a profitable outlet for the accommodation itself: it can host the appointment and host the attendees at the same time. On the other hand, event planning, outside the scope of work, also includes a wide range of options and is highly segmented today.

It is necessary to take into account a series of keys to organize an event in a hotel: take into account the available budgetthe date it will take place, the capacity and the operational space, among other points. In this sense, there is usually a well-defined schedule, with exact ‘timing’and rigorous confirmation of attendance is required. Even so, leaving aside the organization itself, the points mentioned can help us find the most suitable contract solution. Only in this way can we streamline the organization of furniture between tables and chairs, among other essential accessories. The positive thing is that we know our hotel, its dimensions and its pros and cons.

In the event of holding a congress, the schedule and the length of the activity can be decisive when selecting how much furniture will be necessary, how we will distribute it and for how long. We will know if we can include a breakfast in the program, since there may be a pause between conversations during the conference; Or, if a cocktail or a standing aperitif fits better. This can incorporate tables of different sizes and shapes into the equation, in addition to a corporate tablecloth designed for the occasion.

Sobriety and rest area

Chairs as well as being essentials can be a great decorative complement, in addition to fulfilling their most direct function. There is a wide variety and they can be decorated with bows, corsages and fabrics. If it is a convention in which it is committed to sobriety and that includes long conferences, we choose ranges of white or gray and, in addition, that they are ergonomic, simple and comfortable.

Pauses between interventions can also allow you to change spaces, walk outside or towards the table where snacks and coffee are located. There may also be armchairs and sofas to rest. All kinds of alternative furniture will guarantee greater comfort for the guest, they will appreciate it.

Themed acts and homogeneous colors

In the case of wedding or anniversary ceremonies there is an even wider range of combinations, colors and spaces created to do different activities: a corner for family photos (a photocell outside, for example), play corners for the little ones or a spacious room for a ceremonial dance. Depending on the number of guests, we can take advantage of large and round tables to facilitate access for everyone to the plates, or rectangular and elongated. They can be decorated with tablecloths according to the theme of the celebration. All this can help us as a starting point.