Contract solutions for waiting areas in hotels

Contract equipment seeks the perfect balance between comfort, decoration and interior design. Today, we live surrounded by countless alternatives to conceive a reform project suited to the objectives of a hotel. Its purpose also involves anticipating the needs of guests: creating a satisfying experience is paramount and an interesting point is to make waiting for guests – during a check in or a consultation at reception – more enjoyable and relaxing. In fact, this function can be fulfilled with a contract solution that combines creativity and functionality in equal parts. We can start by asking ourselves what will be the look that best fits the room: do we want a natural touch with mostly wooden furniture? Or do we go for a Nordic style with the essentials without being overloaded? Once this question is resolved, we can choose the most suitable furniture.

Sofas and armchairs in waiting areas

Waiting areas in hotels may incite rest or entertainment and may or may not be located in the hallways.We will have to take a look at the great universe of sofas, armchairs and chairs that exists. The options to achieve maximum ergonomics and aesthetics can be planned knowing where we can intervene: if it is a passage area, its width, the entrance of light, etc.

When choosing a sofa, we have to think about it being comfortable and resistant. It must be in keeping with the decoration and style of the hotel chain. In this sense, we will find sofas in the shape of 'L', corner, modular – very useful if we want to move them when we need it -, 'chaise longue', ergonomic, type of chair or single sofa.

If the space in which we are working is spacious and with possibilities, we may choose to complement it with original seats, simple in design and offering comfort to the visitor. There is a wide market to find the ideal piece of furniture. There are armchairs of classic design, with earmuffs, upholstered to match the sofas, suitable for reading and for outdoors. If we have an outdoor area, we can redirect customers to a different environment, perhaps with good views, and opt for other materials, such as wicker. Views can be a differentiating feature.

Create points of attention

In case we do not have them, we can work on creating interior service points: we may have large windows, we can also place a side table placed between the sofas and armchairs with entertainment elements, a plant in some attractive corner or a painting hanging on the wall. If we have enough space and we get creative, a waiting place will also become a place to enjoy and spend quality time, with what you can count on with a bookstore, maybe made of wood and with several shelves, where magazines and other volumes of topics of general interest.