Common areas with style

Common areas of the hotel facilities, which are not necessarily at the reception, may have features that should be considered. Dining rooms or living rooms are examples that can be used a lot. To arrange interior design, custom-made furniture’s can become our greatest allies. From a soulless place, we can create one that has many styles, and is also useful. The customer cannot resist.

If we work with a space in which we want to design a living room for those who are waiting for check-in, there need to be enough seats or sofas and tables. We can choose simple elements, such as wooden benches: We can take advantage of the space that may exist and complete it with a table or magazine rack. The area can also be used to add a small library, a bookcase where we can add value for all types of audience, whether for the little ones in the house or adults. The styles of these types of areas give priority to the function. They are calm and perhaps elegant. Although, on the other hand, the striking and risky decoration can utilize a great power of attraction, and thus difference. You have to create an exclusive and versatile place, where people want to stop to read a book or preform an important task on their laptop, in case they do not want to return to their bedroom.

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The dining area in addition to transparent has to convey a feeling of spaciousness. This is unpredictable, how many people can meet to eat. The secret is in the arrangement of tables and chairs. They say that the dining room is a key element in the design of hotels, because depending on the category and location (and even the type of customers it is aimed at) it may vary in style, size and configuration. They are public and private. The space can be divided using panels or frame. Lighting is also a key. Warm touches can give you privacy.

The options are endless. The decoration starts on the ceiling and ends on the floor. Creativity allows us to include plants, flowers and shrubs to give harmony to the place. The combination of benches and chairs can also be groundbreaking. On the other hand, if the hotel also has good views, it may be helpful to customize the dining room to the environment in which it is located.