Bubble hotels, unconventional accommodation

The culture of travel has developed a lot over the years and the alternatives for enjoying a journey are endless. In this blog article we will talk about an unconventional trend that has appeared in the accommodation sector and which is called ‘hotel bubble’. It is a complex of bubble-shaped rooms. They allow the guest to sleep (or even bath) under the stars, although with privacy and at an air-conditioned temperature, whatever the season. These environments are also fully equipped with all kinds of amenities. The priority, in short, is to live the experience. Its approach is based on standing out from the competition and is a groundbreaking idea that has managed to become a business outlet.

Having privileged views is an added value that certain hotels can have, but in a bubble hotel the main protagonist is nature. Unlike an ordinary hotel, it is characterized by having a large, curved window and its location is usually close to a nucleus of vegetation, perhaps the mountains. Its interior design prioritizescomfort. We will find functional and resolute contract furniture arrangements, often minimalist and elegant. This option attracts nature lovers and those who want to surprise their partner, with the idea of trying something different. Although families are accepted, bubble hotels represent an ideal choice for a romantic plan.

A heavenly bed in the midst of nature - Thurgau Tourismus

A good option in the time of Covid

The main key to staying in one of these hotels is to enjoy the sounds of nature and the low light pollution of the area. So, in some places of this style, we can find complementary elements, such as telescopes, to be able to observe the stars every night and make the stay even more enjoyable. Disconnecting from the daily routine is part of the activity program of these facilities and it combines very well with outdoor activities: horse riding, trekking or other practices, such as kayaking.

Bubble hotels are an interesting option in Covid-19 times if our search for options is the least crowded. They are a suitable solution, because they are located in private properties. Bubble hotels are a clear competitor with those who advocate being in the middle of nature, such as farmhouses and campsites, although the final ticket is very different. In the case of bubble hotels, enjoying privacy – being ‘isolated from civilization’ – also has a price.

A tree house

Following the maxim of looking for alternative places to the traditional hotels, many families bet on satisfying their children with very special destinations: this is the case of the houses built in trees. They are the perfect place to take advantage of nature with the family. It is like giving a twist to the concept of sleeping in a cabin. Without a doubt, it is an attraction to make a rural getaway with a repertoire of recreational activities to do in the forest.