Bright rooms and keys to boost it

A hotel stay has to convey some comfort. A homely and personalized touch gives life, it even gives it that differential feature that we are looking for in an accommodation. But, what if we want to make a more luminous stay?

We will give the exact idea by creating a contract project with balanced interior design, according to the amount of light that enters through the bedroom. We can take advantage of the floor selection, distribution, and design of the furniture and even looking for the headboard, clothes bed and the perfect complements.

Pastel colors, wood and white tones in the furniture are usually good options to get a bright room. Sobriety is always a guarantee of success. With what depending on the amount of light that enters through the window, we will weigh how the rest of the accessories will be. If there is a lot, we may even create a reading corner: a wicker chair and a striking cushion that matches the nuclear colors of the room.

We also have the aid of colors. You have to play with soft tones for bed cushions, desk chair (if we want to have it), cabinets and drawers, headboard details, etc. Roses, lilacs, and greens could be varieties, For example, the rest – bedding, blinds, lamp or carpets – can be cream-colored, which will combine with the light wood tones of the desk and even the floor, of a robust park.

Light shortages

If what we want is to enhance the brightness of the room because a little scarce, interior design can come to our rescue. We can opt for Nordic, functional and modern furniture. We opt for gray and white tones, if we want, with some eccentricity in lamps or bedside tables. On the ground, white oak Effect Park, which will combine very well with upholstered chairs of a similar color range and wooden legs.

In the center of the room, we can locate the bed, which can be used very well with large cushions that occupy the upper bearing. Everything as comfortable as possible. Bedding: white with a greenish-blue or a pastel yellow. They can be optimal for Give it color. In this case, an upholstered headboard with white tones will also contribute to the entry of light.