The contract sector applied to student residences

In addition to operating in the hotel sector, Essenthia Contract also operates in the field of student residences. In this blog article, we will talk about a reform project carried out in 2019, in the residence Amro Granada. It is a new and modern complex for students in the city of Granada. It is strategically located right next to the La Cartuja Campus of the University of Granada.

As a result of this collaboration, Essenthia Contract manufactured and installed 354 rooms, 306 of which were equipped with a kitchen. Both the style and the disposition of the furniture and interior design were adapted to the different tastes and needs of the type of public to which it was addressed.

In Essenthia Contract, turnkey projects are carried out, and this was the case of the residence Amro Granada: common and leisure areas were also worked on. All of them were designed to make the residents feel at home. The result was versatile, peaceful and elegant spaces.

As we can see in the images, the rooms are conceived from a neutral and sober premise; with minimalist decoration and wide spaces in which to move around freely. Functionalism stands out in every corner and the windows let in a lot of light, ideal for the study area. Mirrors can be seen in some of the rooms, arranged in front of the bed. This is a point to emphasize, because it will always give more amplitude to the room.

Outside barriers and a uniform furniture

The open space concept is visible in each of the bedrooms, especially those with a kitchen, as it is only separated by a thin column. As the furniture was made to go together, the interior design breathes homogeneity and harmony.

On the other hand, if we observe each of the corners of the rooms, we will realize that they are well used. To give an example, some wooden headboards have a double function, since they have side shelves; on the other hand, many of the corners have been taken advantage of by placing desks, which merge bedroom and office.

The presence of armchairs and tables in some of the rooms also contributes to using the free space available for other functions, such as receiving potential visitors.

The toilets come with all the essentials. They are useful and basic. Details such as the wardrobe in grey, matching the room, give it the touch.

Leisure and free time spaces

It is important to conceive of a space in which to spend one’s free time, leaving the room aside. In Essenthia Contract, we worked in a space with big natural light sources, thanks to its windows; and in a type of furniture, wide and comfortable to be able to sit down long time and relax.

The receptionarea is, as any other entrance, essential, because it is the first view the user will have. It has to be wide, luminous and it has to have space in which to wait seated.All this is fulfilled in the project.

The dining area is a sober bet that combines white, wood and green. The furniture is arranged with grace and leaves enough space to guarantee the passage of the residents.