Park floors

There is nothing more elegant than a park floor. It does not go out of style and also, it easily combines with a wide range of colors in any interior design. It is, in fact, a choice that brings warmth to the room, although usually the greatest concern is their care: the loss of brightness and color due to the passage of time and superficial wear or due to repeated exposure to the sun, the increase in volume of the wood itself if it has been repeatedly mashed. Naturally, in optimal conditions a prolonged period of time.

If we move the matter to a Contact project, in the case of a hotel equipment more specifically, the debate is even clearer: we have to opt for quality, good insulation, robust material that resists shock. Fortunately, there is a wide range of fans in terms of park floors. And it is through the park of a room or hallway many people pass, from the hotel staff (cleaning cars) to the guests (with wheel bags). Not to mention the bathing area where there is usually a large oversight with the water.

The choice of a good pavement is the key to not having any type of problem. For this reason, we work hand in hand with Flint, which offer the HI-FLOOR high-resistance pavement thanks to its HPB (High Pressure Block) technology that guarantees maximum dimensional stability, avoiding swelling and deformation in the face of continuous exposures to moisture and even leaks.

The result is an ultra-compact product, waterproof and totally resistant to water, impact and wear. In fact, it maintains its original appearance even in extreme situations and in areas where other market pavements cannot be used with guarantees.

If we want to differentiate ourselves in our Contract reform project we have a different alternative of wall cladding. With Flint we can cover walls and floor with the same finish, thanks to the CLB Panels (Compact Light Board).

The CLB panels are 100% Waterproof, which allows them to be installed on the walls of spaces where there is direct contact with the water, splashes, ….., and where continuous cleaning is necessary as in the bathrooms and kitchens.

We project the furniture

Once we have chosen the floor, we project what will be the mobilizer who will go to the hotel. We will look for a design that identifies the hotel brand, creating comfortable, ergonomic and above all functional spaces.

You can count on us since, we work as the only interlocutor with the client, offering a global service in the personalized management of each project; controlling all phases, from design and manufacturing to furniture installation. With an unmatched execution agility and tranquility to its customers.